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  • The Unleash Surf Experience

    Imagine a place that combines travel, surfing, culture, and even work into one incredible experience. Now add paradise to that list and you have Unleash Surf, "A surf retreat for digital nomads". We interviewed cofounder  Amy Schwartz and asked her to tell us about the Unleash Surf experience i... View Post
  • Around The World in 80 Seconds

    In his web series "Around The World In 80 Seconds", expert traveler and blogger Justin Walter takes you on an adventure to elaborate locations around the world.  In this episode he experiences the magic of the Yi Peng lantern festival in Thailand. You'll get a chance to see how breathtaking it is... View Post
  • Looking for somewhere fun to travel this spring?

    Spring is here, and it is time to get out of our winter clothes and enjoy the warm sun. If you are looking for your next big adventure, but don't have a passport... Don't worry, there is a magical place in the U.S that will settle your tropical craving...About 2,500 miles off the coast of Califo... View Post