Stay Healthy with Acai Bowls

Acai bowl is made of accent frozen fruit ingredients which are blended to being frosty and thick acai bowl is rich in antioxidants. Acai berries are high in antioxidants, heart-friendly fats, fiber, vitamin C, vitamin A, B vitamins, vitamin K, copper and small amounts of proteins. They have more antioxidants than the common berries such as strawberries, blueberries and cranberries. Research shows that type of antioxidants contained in acai berries are mostly Anthocyanins, plant antioxidants that are linked with reduced cholesterol levels in the blood stream. They are also excellent source of plant sterols that provide cardio-protective benefits to our body cells (1).This sumptuous meal is meant to be served in a bowl and that is why it goes with the latter name. Acai bowl is fun and has delicious toppings making a good finish to it. It is eaten with a spoon just like the convectional ice cream near you. Depending on preference, acai bowl can also be served with fresh fruits such as berries as well as nuts such as cashew on top. Acai bowl is common in the tropics as dictated by weather. Other parts can happily enjoy the meal during summer (2).There are available smoothies of acai bowl that are readily made at home. The smoothies can be easily blended with the acai bowls as well as other frosty smoothies (3). For most people, getting to find a joint retailing the acai bowl is never the big deal, but finding the perfect texture in the end product. Consistency is rather a factor that allows one to scoop the acai bowl and at the same time, it can be so thick that it would not freely blend with other blends.There are several brands that you can use while at home to make the acai bowl smoothies during summer. They include samzabon, acai roots, amafruits as well as the wonder fruit acai(4). Samzabon is a smoothie which has been sweetened and contains contents of guarana. The sweetness in the brand fades away the acai flavor to some extent. It can never disappoint and is available in any store near you. While in need of the acai powder, samzabon brand offers a high quality one. Another 100% option for acai is the wonder fruit acai that is very delicious, has a distinct deep purple color and it is extremely creamy. Acai roots are quite natural with zero added sweeteners. For frozen acai and smoothie, the amafruits is a good option.While making the acai bowl, you will first have to blend the smoothie packs with any frozen fruit of your choice, be it straw berries or banana. You can easily do so using a blender until the mixture is creamy enough. You can choose the end product to be either thin or thick depending on your preference. The next thing you have to do is pour the blended content into a bowl. It is highly advisable that you do chill the bowl to ensure the content does not undergo a melting phase before consumption of the sumptuous meal. You can form a bottom layer with fruits bit they have to be frozen first. You can finish by adding toppings on your bowl with the options of nuts, berries, shreds of coconut, and butter amongst other options. The vibe you choose will make you enjoy this delicious culinary food. It is best served after finishing the preparation and best eaten using a spoon (5).Acai bowl is food trend that has found its way around the world having originated in the great lands of Brazil. It is a trend that is highly contagious, people are enjoying the meal and we can only thank the hands of our specialty in discovering a new soul of food to add onto the dinner menu.


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