Looking for somewhere fun to travel this spring?

Spring is here, and it is time to get out of our winter clothes and enjoy the warm sun. If you are looking for your next big adventure, but don't have a passport... Don't worry, there is a magical place in the U.S that will settle your tropical craving...
About 2,500 miles off the coast of California is Kauai, a small island in Hawaii, also known as "The Garden Isle". It is out in the middle of the Pacific ocean, and feels like paradise. It is far away from tall buildings, large crowds, and loud traffic. Instead of hearing cars beeping, and people yelling, you hear the sound of waves crashing, and roosters that run wild on the island. Kauai is a peaceful place to visit with so much to do. If you like nature, food, and beaches then this is a place for you. 

If you like hiking, one of the greatest places to visit on the island is Hanakapiai Falls. It is a 300 foot high waterfall hidden in the Na Poli side of the island. It is an 8 mile hike round trip with a lot to see along the way. 2 miles into the hike you get to stop at Hanakapiai Beach, which you can only get to by hiking. Be careful in the water because the tides are pretty rough. It is a great pit stop to cool off and rest before you continue 2 more miles to the waterfall. You will pass giant bamboo trees, cross rivers and streams, and see it in the distance as you get closer. Once you get there you will see how beautiful it looks in person. Bring lunch, take a dip in the water (but be careful because the rocks are slippery). Drink a lot of water because you have a long hike back. The 8 mile hike is worth it. 

If you like adventure, there are a handful of ATV tours that take you to places that only they can take you on the island. You can see where movies were shot, swing on the Indiana Jones swing, swim in secret waterfall lagoons, and get great history of the island. 

If you want to take in some beautiful sights, Waimea Canyon is the place to go. Also known as the Grand Canyon of the Pacific, Waimea Canyon is about 3,000 deep. If it wasn't for the birds flying around and the waterfall in the distance, it would almost look like a fake background. It is just so big and beautiful that it's hard to believe it is real.

Queen's Bath, on the north shore of the island is definitely one of the best things to do on the island. It is a crystal clear tide pool with beautiful fish swimming in it, and a rock to jump off of. It is a short hike down a hill and across the rocks along the coast. Queen's Bath is just a fun place to go for a swim and jump in the water. And when there is no one else there, it is a great peaceful escape. Just be sure to watch out for the rising tide.

The Na Poli coast is an area that you cannot drive to. The best way to see it is from a boat. There are companies that have sunset boat rides, where you can see waterfalls, the gorgeous coastline, beaches, marine life, humpback whales, and watch the sunset. It is definitely a place that you should see.

With the many things to do on the island, you will never get bored. Rent yourself a convertible, enjoy the sun and the views. Add Kauai to your bucket list if you want to experience paradise without a passport!



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