The Unleash Surf Experience

Imagine a place that combines travel, surfing, culture, and even work into one incredible experience. Now add paradise to that list and you have Unleash Surf, "A surf retreat for digital nomads". We interviewed cofounder  Amy Schwartz and asked her to tell us about the Unleash Surf experience in her own words, and trust'll love it.
1.) Give us a breakdown of exactly what Unleash Surf is.
Unleash Surf sets up everything a remote-working surfer needs to be productive, live comfortably and be surf-happy: a private apartment, a gorgeous co-work space, waves in walking distance, surf coaching and an amazing bunch of humans to hang with every day.
The point of Unleash is to remove anything that might be holding someone back from traveling, living their dream surf-lifestyle, or working remotely.
They won’t have to worry about crappy wifi, sucky surf, sub-par accommodations, or feeling lonely. People who come on Unleash aren’t necessarily beginner remote-workers though- many are experienced digital nomads that don’t have the time or energy to do all the legwork. With Unleash, they just have to show up, surf, get their work done and enjoy the amazing place we’re in.
Our clients come for 2-weeks, 1 month and up to three months. We ensure that when they get off the plane, they don’t need to miss a beat in terms of feeling at home. John and I personally take them to their fully-equipped apartment, and on a walking tour of the surf spots, markets, restaurants, juice stands, surf shops, introduce them to our friends and make sure they have everything they need to get to work or get in the water as soon as they need.
The whole experience is like that - personalized and warm. We ensure that people feel comfortable being outside their comfort zone in a new place and we’re with them the whole time to make sure it meets and exceeds their expectations in every way.

2.) How long has Unleash Surf been around for?
We into year two of co-working and surfing retreats!

3.) What made you pick Peru?
There’s not many places in the world where you’ll find relatively uncrowded waves everyday, friendly local surfers, solid internet and a variety of waves for a variety of levels, all within walking distance to an amazing little town with fantastic restaurants. We did location scouting all over the world and Peru simply has most places beat for the combo of wave quality + internet speed + creature comforts + local vibes.

4.) I see you have a “co working” area… Is that so guests can work at their jobs remotely?
Yes! We had a talented architect design an incredible renovation for us. So we created a beautiful co-working space for our clients. It also has a huge terrace with a view of the ocean and a fantastic kitchen so we can do Peruvian cooking classes and a great table for Spanish classes and workshops on Peruvian history, politics and environmental issues.

5.) How many groups at a time do you accommodate?
We keep the group small so we can maintain our boutique-feel. 8-10 people per month is the max and our clients come from all over the world and from a wide variety of professions - so it makes for a pretty incredible global experience for everyone.

6.) What is the normal age group that you see?
Between the ages of 27 and 45. People who come on Unleash are generally successful entrepreneurs, freelancers or they work for cool companies that encourage remote work, or they’re taking time to cultivate new ideas.

7.) Do you give any advice to your guests before they come?
Just show up. You won’t regret it.
Try to have a light work schedule for the first couple days so you can take the time to really get to know the new town and surf and chill before starting your work-surf routine.

8.) You have traveled a lot… Where is your favorite destination so far?
I love everywhere! For food - India - and for music - Brazil - and for surfing, hiking and fruit it’s Peru, hands down!
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**Photos credited to: Find her on Instagram!**


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