Rooted in the sands of Scarborough Beach, in Rhode Island is my passion for the coast. Rhode Island earns its nickname "The Ocean State". For the smallest state, it offers 400 miles of shoreline and 100 beaches. There is a community in southern Rhode Island that takes advantage of the few summer months a year. Growing up, I was one of those people.

    As an adult I decided to travel, yet never forgetting where I came from. In 2012 I moved to California, where I discovered the incredible Venice Beach. The community of beach lovers, surfers, and individuality was like nothing I had seen before. After realizing that staying by the coast keeps me happy, I started a clothing line for other people like me. So our name "Stay Coastal" is almost a call to action for happiness. 

      If you live for the beautiful sunrise on the east coast, and the calming sunset on the west coast, then you are one of us. There is a special joy we get driving the breathtaking Pacific Coast Highway. There is an endearing feeling we get by watching boats pull into the harbor. Whether we share the excitement of surfing the waves, or just listening to the calming sound of the waves, we are a community who shares that joy
      We care about our ocean and the environment. We donate a portion of our profits to charity organizations that protect and preserve the ocean, shores, and wildlife
     While you're out chasing the sunshine, wear your Stay Coastal apparel. We've got tank tops for hot sunny days, and sweatshirts for cold summer nights. So have fun out there, and as always, stay sandy, stay happy, Stay Coastal.